Get and Stay Mentally Fit and Happy!

What is it?

Hello and Welcome to the Seminar Series! Sometimes, we tend to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. In this seminar series, we will take the opportunity to enhance your existing skills so that you can reach some of those well-being goals. Each month builds upon the last and as a member you will be able to refer to previous videos. This may help if you need motivation or even just to recommit. The following time table outlines the topics of the 2017 seminar series.

Why sign up for this when I can download stuff off YouTube?

There are many great resources on the internet, but there is also a lot of misinformation. When looking at behavioural change and wellness, it is important that you get the information from a trained professional in that specific area. The information that I provide in this series is based on research but also gathered over my ten plus years in clinical psychology. However, remember this isn't a treatment program, but a wellness series. If you do require specific treatment, please look at the consultation page.

Let kick it off!

  1. January: Psychological Self
    • Video 1 – Treating yourself with compassion
    • Video 2 - Developing your core self
  1. February: Social Self - &
    • Video 1 – Do you have toxic friendships?
    • Video 2 - You are the company you keep?
  1. March: Physical Self
    • Video 1 – Positive Body image
    • Video 2 - Addressing barriers to change
  1. April: Emotional Self & wellness checklist
    • Video 1 – - Dealing with your inner critic
    • Video 2 - Wellness checklist
  1. May: Intimate Relationships
    • Video 1 – - what happens when trust is broken
    • Video 2 - how to reconnect with your partner
  1. June: Work Self - &
    • Video 1 – Are you maximizing your time?
    • Video 2 - Your pathways to promotion

This program includes:

  • Fortnightly videos

  • Handouts with instructions

  • Talk to Dr. Emily at set times via live chat.

  • Discounts to Dr Emily products and services

This offer is based on 30minutes of Dr Emily’s time which is usually $125. The website offer is a subscription $19.95 month. You will be emailed a code to access the program. There are no penalties for cancelling your subscription.

Dr Emily Wellness Club

  • Video series focussed around wellness e.g. “Emotional Wellness” or “Social Self” set challenges.

  • 12month wellness journey, each month we focus on an aspects of wellness.

  • You will get 2 videos a month

  • Includes checklists and handouts

This is not a treatment programme but a motivational series on how to improve aspects of your life. Not suitable for acutely unwell or suicidal. If you require treatment for a psychiatric condition, then discuss with your GP first.

Terms & Condition

Limitations: On line therapy is to face to face therapy and will not suit everyone. It is not suitable if you are suicidal or severely unwell.

Confidentiality:  There are limitations with internet based therapies because of the technology (e.g security of on-line communication occurring between you and the psychologist and connection issues). There are additional limitations which are discussed on the e-consent form.

Technical Requirements: You need a computer with a webcam (for Skype) and a fairly fast, preferably broadband internet connection.

Cancellations: Unfortunately, cancellations made with less than 24hours notice will incur full fee. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will forfeit the payment and time for that appointment.